Friday, May 8, 2015

Top Features of Apple iOS8 Revealed

 Apple will no longer unlock most their devices for the police even with a search warrant. This seems like this is only a response to the lose of sales by consumers who think that apple has been handing over to much of their information to the government. With the iOS8 apple has absolved it self of any out right spying compliance by appearing to offer more rigorous security. So if your a person concerned with privacy, you will buy their product instead of the competitors.
Yet the iOS8's user data can still be accessed. Apple will still have a "legal responsibility" to turn over user data else were such as its iCloud Service, which typically includes backups of photos, videos, e-mail communications, text messages, contacts and more. The user will have to opt out from flowing to iCloud. Most the time retailers will automatically prompt you during connection to back up your date, even going so far as to enabling your phone to back up its data with out your consent. If you question this they will assure you its just for use in the cause your phone is lost or broken. What they wont mention is this data will be able to be accessed by local law enforcement and other government agency's as well as corporations with out a warrant.
Although even disabling your iPhone from using iCloud your phone will still be vulnerable to having your data accessed. Cell towers all over the country have been built to intercept your cell phone data. Ownership of these data collecting towers have been denied by corporations and government. The problem is most of these towers are built right next to government centers and for these agency's to be unaware of building activity's near there property is ludicrous!
In Florida police have been using sting ray cell phone towers since 2010 more then 200 times to intercept conversations and user data with out a warrant. A source in the Seattle government has released documents that reveal a expansive mesh network that is capable of intercepting cell information in real time. This network has the ability to collect a wealth of information such as unassociated devices, ip addresses, even track the last 1000 GPS locations that have been taken.  Also accessing other information such as license place readers. The document contained a diagram that shows how police vehicles receive and control live video feeds from the city's expansive collection of surveillance cameras. When the Seattle public became aware of this and demanded answers the police denounced the system as a simple misunderstanding.

While these government scandals have been operating the main stream media has centered its attention on lone hackers that have leaked nude photos of celebrity's in what is more then likely a diversion from police using this exact same technology as the so called hackers 
(a smoke and mirror ploy).
Apples latest move to promote their stronger inscription to maintain privacy from government agency's is a flat out deception and is just a plot to bring back clients that are weary of trading in  their privacy for technological convenience.