Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oprah Winfrey Is A Satanist - Illuminati Exposed

This is a video about how world famous talk show host Oprah is using mind control or neurolinguistics to create a cult like following. Oprah is a NWO spin doctor agent provocateur. She is the equivalent to a Nazi style propaganda spokeswomen for the establishment movement. She uses her influence to condition the population to turn their back on Jesus, God and the Church.

 Here you can see her making profits for selling the masonic bible, the satanic bible, sex drugs and magick among many other dark reading.

She enjoys entertaining the idea that she is a proper well mannered and successful women. This is a major illuminati Mind Kontrol program with trillions of dollars invested by major luciferian masonic corporations.  These are the agents that are leading the people into what they call sustainable living aka century 21 agenda. It is now being said that Oprah is a major reptilian shape shifter and or fallen angel. These wild claims are no surprise to me. What shocks me is the evil mindless brain numbing clutch she has on many people today.

In the video below Oprah also admits to becoming possessed, summoning spirits from the after life. This is known in black majik as a way to gain power and knowledge. She is basically selling her soul to demons in order for them to control her and push their demonic agenda forward. The demons end up with such a influence on the person that they taking full control over them. The person tends to loose their true self in trade for money, luxury's, and fame. What is most dangerous about these satanist lucifarians is they end up with a clear message that Jesus is their enemy. They end up with no empathy for man kind. They seek nothing else but to rule over humanity like Gods. Pushing Wars, famine, Poverty, Taking away natural resources. This is why you see governments around the globe treating people the way they do. Many of these people seeking power go through Lucifer to gain the power over their enemy's: human kind. 

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