Thursday, May 7, 2015

FREEMASONS in SPACE: NASA's Illuminati/Freemason Ritual "Change of Comma...

 There has been much speculation and rumors about the space programs conducted by the governments on the earth. Its said that all the trips to space have been faked. That its been scientifically proven that space travel to the out side of our skies is impossible more less traveling to the moon and other planets. Research into the faking of space travel and you will begin to understand this more in depth. Saying space travel is not possible just sounds crazy, but there is proof of this.
The faking of space travel has been linked to the group known as the Freemasons. This group is infamous for their tight bond for lying cheating and stealing for each other and keeping secrets under the penalty of death. It has been said they use black mail to keep members from speaking out on traditions and wrong doings. A practice these masons keep is hand signs. A type of hidden sign language is used in order to speak to fellow members with out making the non initiated aware of what they are saying.
This group can be observed fitting them selves in many places of power in order to control. One place that have need noted is "NASA".  During the history of NASA you may observe many symbols and occult connection titles. In this video you will see many hand signs by masons speaking to their brother hood right under the noses of the non initiated. It may be just that the space program is in the hands of the masonic brother hood for they are the only group that will go as far as to kill another brother in order to keep their secrets.
(Astronaut Edwin "BUZZ" Aldrin, 33° Mason, presents the Scottish Rite flag carried to the moon on Apollo 11 in 1969 to Masonic Grand Commander Luther A. Smith)
The space program is ran by the masons cause if they ever told the truth that human kind does not have the technology to travel off the earth yet, it would be punished by death. These masons apply their traditions into every facet of an organization they occupy. In this video we see them displaying a ritual called "the changing of the guard".