Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Facebook to label vaccine stories “fake” if they don’t promote the CDC’s vaccine propaganda

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Marching in lockstep like a good Nazi does, the Left-wing purveyors of “news” over at Facebook—or is it Fakebook?—are picking up where they left off during the recent presidential election: The company’s news editors are preparing to once more begin censoring news and information they don’t like, which is pretty much every news source that isn’t part of the now-wholly discredited “mainstream” media cabal.
We saw it coming right after the election when Fakebook executives—stunned by the (second presidential) loss of their chosen candidate, the criminally corrupt Hillary Clinton—announced they would begin to bury the so-called “fake news” that supposedly did her in as part of some Russian propaganda plot (which has now been completely exposed as a fraud).
Now, it’s formal. As reported by Business Insider, the social media giant will begin fact-checking, labeling and then burying so-called ‘fake news’ and ‘hoaxes’ in the site’s News Feed. Of course, Fakebook has been doing this for years, covering up real news and information that refutes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s lies about vaccines.

U.S Plans to Imprison American Citizens, FM 3-39.40, NDAA and Restrictin...


U.S Plans to create a system out side of courts to detain Americans indefinitely with no trial. These plans also allow them to kill Americans with no trial Eliminating Due Process. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

SERCO Owns the World, | Big Brother Watch


REX 84: FEMA Martial Law Plans Exposed


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Kids Horrified After Cops Hold Mock Child Sex Trafficking Drill, Without Saying It’s A Drill

Orange County, FL — The Florida Highway Patrol is reviewing its presence at the Girls State Program after troopers conducted a kidnapping/human trafficking drill which went “horribly wrong” according to WFTV News Channel 9.
The girl’s program is attended by some of best and brightest high-schoolers Florida has to offer. “Everyone who’s going is at the top of their class,” Cameron Carlyle said describing the high-quality candidates who attend the elite leadership camp. But no amount of education could have prepared the girls for what happened on the last night of their training.
The Girls State director along with six Florida State Troopers, all female, pulled an attendee aside and told her she would be participating in a kidnapping drill, one which highlighted the real-world problem of sex trafficking. Under the cover of secrecy, the volunteer named “Katrina” was taken to a safe place. Thereafter, roll call was taken with the remaining girls.