Saturday, April 23, 2016

"MATra" Weapons - Magnetic Assisted Transfection
The united states can be exterminated with just a flick of a switch with no warning and no where to hide. The cell phone towers that have been erected all over the united states are not what you been told they are. These towers can reach about 10 to 20 miles, and there are 100's to 1000's in each major city across the united states of America. The power for these towers are kept at a minimum, although these towers reserve the capacity of energy that can wipe out entire city's like tin foil in a microwave. These towers can kill 100,000's of people in seconds.
These towers are posted all over businesses, offices, schools, churches, privet land
There is no defense for this and there are no early warning signs possible to detect this. These towers have the power of 100's of microwave magnetron's, they are microwave weapons and they are aimed at the people in the united states of America. In every city across the USA there are 100's of these. These towers can burn human flesh and kill people in minutes. Their have been towers erected weekly for years. They have tricked property owners with cash to put these microwave weapons on their property. Businesses, offices, schools, churches, privet land. If people only knew that these towers are not for cell phones but are really MICROWAVE WEAPONRY, aka silent weapons. The world health organization has even classified these towers as a human health hazard and that is a extreme understatement.

With a press of a button these towers can produce deadly microwaves killing any biological life with in miles. Causing the extermination of the nation with silent weapons, microwave weaponry. This can be classified as terrorism. No one even knows about this and the media that does has a gag order not to expose this program. The scary thing is foreign enemy's could hack into the towers and create an attack on America or the USA could conduct a fall flag event on it self using foreign country's as a patsy.
Cellular Phone Tower Locations
 Their has been another discovery about these weapon towers. There have been numerous patents for nano sized weapons that are triggered by the same electromagnetic waves that these towers produce. This type of weaponry is called "matro weapons" consisting of nano micro capsules containing DNA or chemicals for transfection purposes. Capsules smaller then dust that can enter your cells then can release DNA or chemicals that can turn you into a GMO genetically modified organism !! So now instead of modifying your vegetables and fruits into GMO's they are turning people into GMO's.
Transfection diagram
These nano micro capsules can be delivered by CHEM TRAILS, car exhaust, pesticide smoke, WATER SYSTEMS or in any liquids, etc into any populated area. People will then breath these nano capsules in or drink them or rub them into their skin and eyes. Then these capsules can be activated through the electromagnetic waves that these cell towers produce. These nano capsules contain DNA or chemicals. With this type of bio weaponry in place a virus outbreak can be faked for a specific neighborhood or city, or even race or gender and no one would ever know how it happened.

All of this technology has been well documented and absolutely exist. These weapon towers are all over the united states and have been masked as "cell phone towers". The towers can be in place in case the population fights back against the New World Order allowing them to press a button causing extermination with out mass destruction or nuclear fallout.

We need these towers brought down...

Friday, April 22, 2016


Google has been funneling billions a year  to a Bermuda  P.O. box with a address that reads 666. They have also used a logo that hides 3 six's as well. Google has been pushing a luciferian agenda in front of the worlds face. Google has been preparing for a post human society says google insider's. A world where man merges with machines and human body's will no longer exist. 

One of Americas biggest secret weapons that have been build right under the country's nose are "cell phone towers"! These towers have even been disused as trees, water towers, clock towers, church crosses, flag poles, cactus, farm silos, etc. A cell phone tower is basically a huge microwave oven. Cell phone towers use magnetron's to communicate. 
 Two hair dryers use 2000 watts of power ( 2 kilowatts). With 2 kilowatts a telecom tower can send 20,000 miles away to a satellite in space. To broadcast from one side of the planet to the other side of the planet it only takes 2000 watts. A microwave uses 1000 watts. A microwave can be used as a ray gun if taken apart and aimed at a target. These cell phone towers are connected with cables that run 300,000 each cable. These multiple cables are connected to a magnetron that IS NOT used for cell phone communication. There can even be amplifiers that can boost the watts. These towers can be turned on and vaporize a town in the middle of the night at any time. Even a AI can be used to turn on all the towers at once in the country killing the population in a hour. Then sending out robot soldiers to clear out the minority of survivors. 
This will allow the elite to start over with a new slave race, and destroy those who will not follow. The people who created these towers run the government, the media and are not here to be your friends.