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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reptilian Radio - How to convict reptilians

 2Circles came out with a interesting video. In this video a Sirius XM show interviewed "Donald Henry Rumsfeld". In this interview the question was asked "are you a lizard?". There seems to be a rash of high level elite that are publicly being ask if they are draconian shape shifting lizards. 
What is even more interesting is it seems that the answers are never a flat out "no". It seems as though there is a draconian code similar to asking a undercover police officer he is or ever was affiliated with a government group, they can not say no. 

From my understanding the draconian race has the ability to speak in a backwards tongue to each other. If you research or analyze sound bits of suspected shape shifters you will find that there are incriminating words being said.  Such as "I am a Lizard", "I am a Snake" and even more in depth incites to the draconian agenda. Such as "This suit is over heating" "This suit is malfunctioning" "My suit is having a meltdown". I have even heard it said "know that you know our disguise i want you to die soon".
In this video by 2Circles you will hear a interview of Donald Henry Rumsfeld being asked is he a draconian shape shifting space lizard. What is particularly interesting is he does not say no, yet seems to give a coded message. Forward the responce seems to be a unrelated answer, yet backward you will hear him give a answer more related to the question. This is almost proof that the draconian speak in reverse. 

During the interview he is told, "you didn't answer the question" and he responds " i think your hanging around with the wrong people". In reverse Rumsfeld reply's "If i am a reptilian, its none of your damn business". He also says in reverse "And honestly i could go in there and get'em to round up your whole show tonight, but maybe im not that evil". In reverse he also says in reverse that he wish's them to all leave the show tonight well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



 Frances King attorney for the family of Kenneth Howe was a passenger in a car that was stopped at a DUI Checkpoint on Nov 25th 2009. Police beat him to death in what the state medical examiner ruled a homicide, but none of the high-ranking officers on the scene were alarmed by the actions of their fellow police officers.
During the filming of this interview attorney Frances King seems to be showing slit pupil's. Could this be proof of shape shifting or demon possession ?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

alien hand / failed anatomical structure

This is a very interesting and rare video by Pocholo986! There are many clam's across the internet that the news station CNN harbors Draconian reptilians who pose as Journalist. This may stand for good reason to being that any of the Draconian journalist will never rock the boat for the establishment cause they are all on the same side against humanity. 
Their has been a shortage of shape shifting videos and this in my opinion is cause the draconian agenda is responding to the trend across the internet of reptilian videos. Even close channels i have worked with have seem to obtain a separatist attitude. Dividing to conquer seems to be the establishments go to tactic.
In this video you will see Kristie Lu Stout a American Journalist for CNN International Station. During the live airing of this broadcast the journalist was spotted forming a draconian claw.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Black child with a very interesting video. Recently there was a police shooting on a unarmed male in the US. Their was a large outcry across the nation which was followed by a major street protest. Many people came out to protest the killing of this unarmed male by local police. 

There is a secret standard procedure for peaceful protest on police. This can also be observed in the kent state shooting which took place in the 60's.

What happens is embed agent proctors who work for the establishment pose as violent protesters in order to subvert the peaceful protest which aim to discredit the movement of the people in order to allow the state to claim the protest's need to be shut down cause the people are unruly.
This tactic has been used a lot recently in other ways eg. long gunmen shootings. This lone gunmen shootings have been linked to secret black op military mind control operations being used to disarm the civilians of the USA. 

It has even been said that these tactic's have been used over seas in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Its been noted that American military have been posing as opposition rebel fighters in order to legitimize the war. Its almost saying that the opposition have giving up on the fight yet in order to keep the war going on for profit the US has covertly posed as the enemy in order to make it seem as there is a enemy when the enemy no longer exists. 

During this protest for the killing of a unarmed man, locals have said they have spotted many agents for the state who were not apart of the protest that were inciting violence in order to discredit the protest and label the people as unruly.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Reptilian shapeshifter - SARAH LINDSAY (Part 16)


Here is a very interesting video of a Olympic speed skater showing signs of reptilian possession. It is said in Hollywood that in order to be on the A-list actors must summon dark spirits and ask them to posses their body's. Doing this allows them to go into a trance state where the spirits are able to control them and take on many character's.
Can this also be true for competing athletes? Here we have a Sarah Lindsay, in this video you can see her left eye take on a snake like slit. while doing this you can also see her know wrinkle up in a evil manor similar to demon drawings. Could this be signs of her possession of demons that have been summoned. Many people are unaware this type of activity is even possible. Take a look for your self.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

9/11/2014 Presidential Address Full / In Reverse / GoBombANation

9/11/2014 : Obama's heart touching announcement that he is planning an all out air strike on the entire middle east under the color of ISIS which I find ironic because, Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the Sky, and she was born on the fourth intercalary day. She married her brother, Osiris, and she conceived Horus with him. Oh but surely that is coincidence ?

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Wayne Vincent NWO Reptilian LEO Police Corruption


During a recent interview with the local Fox affiliate, KTBC, Austin Police Association President Wayne Vincent issued what appeared to be a threat of violence against Antonio Buehler and the Peaceful Streets Project. This threat comes on the heels of the Peaceful Streets Project's public announcement that they would increase downtown patrols to record Officer Nathan Wagner while on duty. Wagner is the APD cop that shot and killed Byron Carter in 2011.

"We fully are afraid that this thing is going to turn violent before it's over because Buehler keeps escalating the harassment. Our officers are out there with absolutely no relief from this kind of harassment and it's not going to end well," Vincent said.

What Vincent calls harassment is actually the legal and Constitutionally protected right to film public servants while on duty. Vincent's suggestion that violence may stem from Buehler and other members of the Peaceful Streets Project exercising their rights is troubling.

The Peaceful Streets Project has made non-violence a central tenet of their mission. No member of the Peaceful Streets Project has ever engaged in violence while cop watching, nor has any member ever threatened violence toward any member of law enforcement. Further, the Austin Police Department is fully aware that all Peaceful Streets Project cop watch events prohibit volunteers from carrying personal weapons.

The only violence that would ever result from Peaceful Streets Project cop watches would come from the armed members of the Austin Police Department. In fact, members of the Peaceful Streets Project have already been assaulted by APD officers and their horses, downtown.

The Peaceful Streets Project has videotaped cops hundreds of times, most of which resulted in no interactions between Peaceful Streets and APD. Interactions between APD and Peaceful Streets most often occur once APD starts issuing arbitrary orders, shining flashlights at cameras, physically threatening or issuing threats of arrest to prevent cop watchers from videotaping. Sometimes, the Peaceful Streets Project will ask APD officers for a statement after an incident has concluded.

The Peaceful Streets Project stands for accountability through non-violent, non-partisan, direct action tactics. We reject all forms of violence and coercion; those are the tools of the Austin Police Department. The violence that Wayne Vincent speaks of will only be realized by the members of his union, with the victims being unarmed activists who stand against the corrupt and violent cops that are endemic to the Austin Police Department.

We call on Wayne Vincent to clarify his statement as to who he believes will engage in violence, and then retract his threat and replace it with a statement of non-violence. We also encourage Austin Police Department Chief Art Acevedo to denounce Vincent's threat of violence against Peaceful Streets Project activists.

Finally, the Peaceful Streets Project invites the community to attend a workshop on non-violent activism that will be held during a breakout session at our Second Annual Police Accountability Summit on August 17th at Huston-Tillotson University.

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