Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gray State The Rise Rough Cut Directed by David Crowley

Aswan Beep

Daily the television portrays a false reality to the people, cause of this the real reality that people are facing every day is being ignored. This has created a hypnosis on the population of the people.
Every day there are many huge changes taking place in the United States. These changes are beginning to marginalize the people into a corner, financially, and legally.
Huge lies have been forced onto the people in America to take their wealth and power.
A scheme to bring the Americans to their knees is in play.
Above is a documentary on this government scheme directed by David Crowley. David Crowley was also working on a film for Hollywood called "Grey State".
"Gray State" is a film speaking about this Government Police State plot. What is so powerful about this film is the creator was killed shortly before this film was to began filming for the Hollywood screen.
 David Crowley and his wife were murdered in their own home and it was portrayed as a suicide. There has been many thing pointing out this was a operation to silence this movement to expose the political scheme to bring the people to a police state.