Friday, April 3, 2015

You Were Warned About X Ray Police Years Ago


National Guard X-ray scanning cars at check points. Police with X-ray scanners to inspect your cars to keep the public safe. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to X-ray scan Americans at boarder check points. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) X-ray scan vehicles on roads and Highways with VIPR check points. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) using "Covert Surveillance Vans" with X-ray systems that can see through walls on the American people. All this within the last 5 years. 
These X-rays systems are being brought into Federal Buildings, stores, malls and even the work place. They are being installed into satellites. Even gaming consoles like "Xbox Kinect" have admit to having the ability to seeing though up to "8" walls in your home.
 This "Xbox Kinect" is using a "Biometrics" system to monitor civilians across the planet. Even the new line of televisions called "Smart TV's" have this same "Biometric" ability's.These TV's are even recording your conversations and sending them to privet corporations.  The CIA chief has even admit to having they have the ability to spy on people through new house hold appliances like a dishwasher!
A lot of this information has been dismissed as a joke. These spy tech products have not been taken seriously until they have been put in place by these privet corporations and it has been excepted in many homes. Only until people have shrugged the idea off in the idea that well "I am not doing nothing wrong so why should i care". Many of the TOS agreements today are forcing the data to be collected from you (video, sounds, text, data usage). Just turning your product on is an agreement to the data collecting. Once the product has been turned on you can not turn it off the data collecting or Opt out of this agreement. 
After so much controversy instead of taking these spy systems out from their products "Samsung" has simply just told its consumers to just "Watch What You Say" around our products. In a nut shell people are paying these company's to have the rights to spy on them then sell the information collected for a profit. Smart phones have the ability to shut down on you if you are not using a head set in some cases. They also can be shut down by the police, or depending on your location they can be shut down in order to prevent photography or take video. They can also be shut down during civil disobedience. The problem is these smart phones, Tvs, Labtops, Web cams can spy on you even if you are not doing anything wrong. These devices are being monitored by "Artificial Intelligence" in a Government program called "Optic Nerve".
These surveillance programs use a cover claiming they will only be listening to your environment in order to help product placement. So if they hear a baby crying in the back round they can begin sending you adds for diapers. The truth is these devices can be used by the FBI, CIA, NSA, GCHQ and many other of these government groups with out warrants or a reason to believe there is illegal activity going on. This technology is openly being displayed now cause these corporations have realized many people are in a hypnotized state and are in so much denial of these things they will except just about anything they are pushed into doing.
This same government has even admit to running guns to the terrorist that (supposedly) ran the 9/11 attacks on the United States and many people shrugged this off in a disillusioned state. The problem is the government that is funding terrorism is using the same terrorist to take away the liberty of the people. Such as the privacy of your own home that is being displayed here in your smart products.