Sunday, March 16, 2014

Toxic Light - The Dark Side of Energy Saving Bulbs

Here he have soft kill move from the draconian establishment. These snakes are adding poison chemicals in light bulbs then using bureaucracy to incrementally implement  that any bulbs that don't contain the chemicals were to be replaced with ones that do. Then the same establishment produced a youth campaign to conditions the nations children to live with the new chemical dangers of the bulbs. Even tho the lights have been reported to not be sufficient light for common usage in the country.
These bulbs contain the chemical Mercury which has been known to be a long time weapon of the establishment among many other chemicals.
The bulbs are built in a fashion that causes biological hazardous conditions in an area they are turned on in duration. Due to leaks in the design. Electromagnetic exposure to head, body leading to cell damage and neurological problems among others.