Sunday, March 16, 2014

How Media Uses Neurolinguistic Mind Control Programming!

This is a very important video for many people to see. It seems like common sense when explained yet what is so subconscious is that there are many agent provocateur's that are "willing" to mislead people. These are called "spin doctor's" and work relentlessly to keep the agenda ideals. They will fight tooth and nail to denounce any other unofficial history story lines. From my understanding i assume many of these are masons who maintain areas of interest in the community's. 
This puts them in a position where they can rely on their reputation to fool people into believing they are working for the benefit of the people and are upstanding citizens. When in fact they have been embedded into these influential seats in order to maintain a power struggle for the minds of the people. When the pictures is painted in whole 
you can see how childish this draconian agenda really is.