Sunday, December 1, 2013

MILABS (Military Abductions) who are those responsible

MILABS (Military Abductions)
How could you fight a Military Abduction? Police, Legally, Physically??

Be aware of sanctioned Black Military Operations that allow military personal to treat civilians like cattle.
Using hypnosis technology to control a person and also to hide the memory's. Know that the military utilizes  massive subterranean tunnel channel system to move vehicles, personal and military equipment to conduct operations unnoticed.
This allows the military to conduct experiments on people with out consent.
It is clammed by many civilians that some groups of the military use this to their advantage in controlling the population. Its also said this is a joint project conducted by satanic groups and even alien/demon entity's.
The bottom line is unwilling humans have been abducted by the military and used in ritual's.
Be aware.