Saturday, November 30, 2013

40,000 Page View'z!

All right guys we did it. Its took about 2 months for us to reach another 10,000 views. From my understanding allot of these views are fake >_<

Spam sites send visits to blogs to get them to come back to their site in return for hits. I suspect these sites are stealing my hits. From a hacker point of view its very easy to enter some ones account by using a system that tricks the password and user name into thinking they are checking for a user and password yet they end up retrieving the full account. At this point you can just add a simple code to said blog and it will transfer views from said blog to spam site.
Any how i have dreamed of gathering some people to this blog in order to prepare for these kinda exploits.

I am feeling really good about Cover Upz blog. I feel it making a impact, i feel it growing. I have been at Google + trying to gain visitors for the blog. It seems that we have some people from around the world that support us allot on Google + with 1+.
America, Denmark, Pakistan, Philippines, Brazil, Spain, China, Finland, Australia, India, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Canada.

If you didn't make the list then you need to spread cover upz blog more in your city town or village.
On another note i have noticed that cover upz blog has had some break in's. A few times i have had videos up that had been deleted with out my consent or warning. 

I am happy their are a few upsides. I was able to get a few stickers printed free. I figured out the donations page wasn't working cause i didn't verify the account. I had it verified and not long it was verified we had a dollar donation. There are some days when i am away from the blog and it's still able to bring in a little traffic. 

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