Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tom Cruise CONFESSES He's A CLONE - Must See!

The reptilian Tom realizes his Hive Mind

Ok Dang this one is full of mirror's. John Ellizz Puts the film Oblivion in Perspective of the reptilian agenda. This one seems to be getting the pit steering cause when you watch his videos there are "transparent box's" appearing over his narration captions!!
John has been telling us of Al Pacino being the devil in a Jesus clone. And this movie seems to be revealing another such sinister plot. Could this masonic Hollywood machine be telling us more facts then fiction? Can this movie be hinting at the populations worker bee system. In this video John reveals oblivion's AI Alien clone machine to be a reptilian shape shifter. This is very clever if you take the reptilian agenda in mind. This scene, you could say was placed just for people with the right eyes to see. Maybe this is the confession of tom cruise to his reptilian queen, he in fact is a alien clone?