Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The original video for this post was deleted cause to many people were seeing it online.
This post was about the reptilian triangle hand sign. This sign is used in a few ways. From my understanding the main use for this is to maintain the illusion of having 5 fingers. From watching so many reptilian videos i noticed when a reptilian is showing hologram failure they will displace a discomfort in their body language. One thing i noticed they have done with their hands is this triangle hand sign. I asume this is to maintain the form of a hand. Yet this hand sign is carried by so many elites that when a human sees this you get the members only feeling, and your not in the club.
If you watch for this hand sign in this perspective i am sure sooner or later you will see the hologram fail.
"That" is what they don't want you to see.