Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Spin

Update: i looked into this video and found this guy talking is a shapeshifter, and also the guy in the light blue jacket. they are in on this and are showing their true nature proudly so future demons can see their works and the seeds they sew.
dont be influenced
In the Video Below you will see this FBeYe agent shows the true nature of the attack in less then a 1 second.
(video not found in search so i posted a link)
Ok guys, i made a post about spin doctors, take a look at this spin here.
he starts off spinning then flat out lies.

-He starts out saying there was no specific report of bombs ( basically saying yes and no so in reality just ignoring a flat out yes or no answer)

-But they did increase security (yet not for any specific reason)

-Then hes saying all the security was used just for this event (yet tho things happened in preparation for this event but with all the security we had no safety and even better still are now in the state of excepting MORE security!)

And in the end that had no specific information about anything at all (once again artfully coming around (oroboros) full circle,

 with a yes and a no again leaving you as they came with no information. not cause they dont know but because Shhh)

Realize the double speak, the hidden coded speak. This is mason talk. I believe that these events are just lodges in each city's hosting terror events in order to gain more power over the waking non masonic population.

This is also about them speaking for the victims. This is about them making up victims to speak for.
Don't allow your voice to be silenced. Don't allow them to speak for you. Speak for your self

Graphic video: First moments after Boston Marathon blasts 
This video is very important for the reason being if this is a staged event this is what we couldn't see at sandy hook.
Don't expect to see a criminal running from the scene. No you must understand how deep the psychology and points of perceptions that are at play here.

Like in the nyc attack, in videos you were able to see reptilians/demons at the scene trying to get into the videos to be seen though out history "though" videos eternalizing them.
They almost piled up to be on camera!
Well i suspect that this may be such a video.
I also believe that this was a attack on humanity PERIOD.
This isn't funny this isn't a joke, this is serious. We must not be informed, we mustn't be lead through fear, hate, pain & blood.
We must be lead by truth and strength.

I am posting this video of the victim's yet i am "extremely vexed" about doing this, but i do it for them. If i was attacked i would want some one to look into it and find out why and free my name by showing the true face of evil.
I post this for you who seek truth and i urge you to seek deep and see the enemy who has come back to see his pray. The enemy must be close in this graphic video. They will come to see their works. Find them and free the names of the innocent people.

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