Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Spin (update)


Warning: Some authority's may find this material highly offensive. share at your discretion!!

This is a video that has been edited and is being passed around as "raw footage"
it looked to me like Reptilian Resistance are a group of agitators. while they could have been showing videos of these officials taking our freedoms and lieing to our faces, they are here editing a fire ball into the first bomb that was a "fail" explosive.

I'm not sure who's doing this but some one is spreading dis info.
Bellow is a picture of the video that to me looks like a trace of editing. its basically a flash that gos all down the street at 0:02 mark.
below is what the ground normally looks like (although i suspect that even some of these people have been added so it looks like the whole street is faked.)

This is a video of the reptilian team telling us how its gonna be
In the Video Below you will see this FBeYe agent shows the true nature of the attack in less then a 1 second.

the chief tells him to show his Vail and he follows order
they wanna be seen he says.
the guy in the yellow jacket is holding the v of the Jesuit
he also cant hold his content in and also shows his eyes shift.
in this video they move veeeery slow. you must be zoomed in far and very slow to see them shift
(this guy is giving you bold face lies)
Watch the 0:02 mark
The guy in the light blue collar crime shirt Miss's his left eye for a second.
The police chief also shape shifts!
Ok i just slowed this video down and zoomed in and saw tons of shape shifter shit
look at his slit

His right eye covers his left eye as their yellow military lapdog watch
If you are interested get a video player that slows down ands zooms in and you will see they all change.
I also suspect allot of these videos to have this kinda stuff in it. Take a look for yourself.
even the camera guys in on hit he is told to zoom the camera out and shake it up a bit, cant show them to much he says. to much can sink us.
another display of power

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