Friday, December 16, 2016

Spawn of Satan! Insane shapeshifting police cunstable harrassing motoris...

One thing people need to understand about the reptilains is that this is a huge philological operation. This involves positions of power. These are making people look away while they take more control of our rights given by God. They use us to fight against each other. They use the 7 deadly sins as a guild to control us. Humanity is not like this we are kind and forgiving. We help each other when in need.
They are using subversion. People are very aware of this now but many don't believe that the corruption of human kind is not human.  Just think about it for a second. All the problems of the world being pushed by a demonic alien race hidden in secret. lies are their tools. they use phycology to control us, this is their rope their hand cuffs. Money is the cage they use to keep us locked in place.
They put evil in places of wealth and power to make the
humans that are unaware think that being sinful is a way to prosper.
When the reptilian shape shifter videos went viral they began to speak obviously fake reptilian shape shifter videos out in order to prevent others from seeing their true form. they may have the tools but we have the numbers.
These whole system on control over human kind is built from the masonic order. People who are aware of this are afraid to point this out. the masons are spread all over the world in every position of power. this is how they are able to turn the gears on the system of control. The reptilians are using the masons to control the world. through media, government, police, news, drugs & alcohol, money, education, jobs and even religion.
They use the hot and cold, black and white, they use the duality of human understanding to control our minds. The fight against reptilians is futile, but its humanity's struggle. look at all the pollution. look at all the ufo cover ups. Ufos are there, they are real. you need to think for a second, what if they aliens were not peaceful and loving to humans. What if they hated humans and thought we were nothing but weak worms.
With this thinking many things will began to fall a lot easily into place. Even in the medical industry we are treated slaves. Health is another tool of theirs to control people. they are many cures for illness and they use this to control us. look at the book "medical mafia". this book documents how the pharmaceutical industry took over holistic medicine by force. the pharmaceutical industry DOES NOT cure but maintain sickness. look at the children with cancer dying. they can be cured but they don't allow the cure to surface. they give them drugs that kill them. look at the inoculations they give children they give them autism.
Only a demon with the hate of human kind would do this. this is not human nature. they use entertainment to dance and sing and joke for us to keep use looking the other way while they work on slaving the human race. THIS IS REAL. you are being kept in a dream like state in order for they to slave us all. the world. they want you not to believe it could ever happen, but we all know its real deep inside. many are scared to admit it to our selves. many are afraid to admit we are not in control of the world.
Think for a minute what if they are making them self's look  as humans. One thing they will do is dismiss any of this in order to make people who are not aware of this fall back into the trance. this is like a psychological hypnosis tool. I know this cause I spread this type of information and the first thing you will see is comments saying this is bull shit or crazy or what have you. This is them. they even have computer program operations that are ai accounts that just dismiss all types of comments or videos on the internet. It has even been admitted by the military that their are such programs.
They are even lying to you about the way the earth is built and outer space.
They prevent us from studying the truth. If we were allowed to study the truth we would see them for what they are and that's why its important for them to prevent us from doing this. I have seen reverse speech reveal hidden conversations that speak to your subconscious with out you even knowing consciously whats being said, but subconsciously you will know. Like a intimidating hypnotic suggestion.  
They use education to keep people out and living in poverty. They even hide the nature of dreaming. We are all under the impression that dreams are just random and are not important. They hide the fact that we can become aware in our dreams and control the other realm just as we do this reality. They control naturel and weather with technology. Its even being said that this reality is a simulation. This is another thing they are hiding from humanity.
They keep us in a basic realm of understanding in order to make us dismiss anything out of their cage of knowledge.