Saturday, March 28, 2015

What’s really in vaccines? Proof of MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum and Mercury
Is what really in the vaccines that are meant to heal the sick making them worse?
Big pharma has a way of backing the people up into a corner. The most misconception of the pharmaceutical industry  is they are hear to heal people. If one study's the practices and history of the pharmaceutical industry you will began to understand what i mean by this. A great example is the run away train of legal drugs with tons of major side effects like feeling "suicidal" and even males growing breast. This is all allowed to happen legally to people while we still take home the image of these industry's being the hero of the peoples health.
 This is one of the biggest lies people choose to believe. One of the most useful tools of this establishment is vaccines. These vaccines are even forced on children who enter schools. The choice is inject your children with our mystery chemicals or they will never be allowed an education.
Another way they get people to inject their mystery cocktail of chemicals is to used the guise of the flu.During these times they mass condition the people through huge media campaigns that taking these injections is very common. In this way many people seem to just do what every one else does. One thing that is very unpopular with this movement is questioning what is in these injections.
When one flexes their rights to question what they are taking they are immediately look on as a agitator.
It soon becomes clear their is a hidden agenda behind this industry's fight for health. In fact many nurses have come forward and told storys of programs to sterilize people with out their consent.
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