Sunday, October 18, 2015

Banned Documentaries - Episode 1: The Hillary Files

 Documentary about Hillary Clinton and her criminal activity to get to the white house. Many people are unaware of her illegal actions because media will not broadcast these activity's after they are paid not to. The evidence is there and widely know in the political arena. All you have to do is research into Clinton scandals and you will find a long list of illegal activity.
Many women are blindsided by Hillary's gender in hopes to have a women president. Are you willing to have a women president who will break laws, kill and ruin lives to get there? I was go as far as saying would you as a women elect some one who has raped you and got away with this crime as president? It worked for her husband will it work for her??

This women is a cheap lying thief who is willing to stop at nothing legal or illegal. Be very careful in your opinions of her. Research her history before you side with her.