Monday, December 8, 2014


Cover upz blog has reached 100,000 thousand views! I have a feeling this site would of hit this mark long ago. During my time posting for the blog i have noticed many things happen i would say because the nature of the blogs content. From politics to police, Masons, Government, Military, UFO's, aliens and satanist Lucifarians in Hollywood.

While covering these type of videos i feel like the site has been bottle necked by some kind of privet agency. I feel if i would of put as much work as i have for cover ups blog into something pro establishment or something like fashion or Hollywood gossip the blog would of been allowed to hit higher numbers.
 From the number of videos that i have posted on cover upz blog and the content in the videos it would seem there is something sinister happening on this planet earth.
It seems many people are in a trance to ignore much of these taboos. At time i would seem this reality could be a simulation in the case that talking to people in reality is almost like trying to interview a person in a lucid dream. Could it be that this reality is harvesting and protecting this so called necessary evil? Fighting to protect the program its running on. Hiding the many truths?

It seems like many things in this world are working in a devious backward sense. For example if crime was abolished the justice system would be out of work, if the medical industry kept people healthy they would have substantially less importance. This is the practice of "Order out of Chaos".

Here are two prominent videos circling the net at the moment. These two videos are not relative in topic but are both suspect of conspiracy theory. The theory being a alien civilization living among humans on the planet. The first video is of top members of the "Mars Science Lab" receiving a call from USA's President Obama. The Second is of Prince William's Baby at a petting zoo.

Both these videos show two humans showing their right hand sprout a extra finger. Could this be a secret plan to pose a alien invasion bringing the world into a one world government. Or could this be a sign of real aliens hiding among humans on the planet.

Illuminati Reptilian Shapeshifter During Obama Visit NASA Fr 1