Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Saturn Spiral Blanket - Turkish Miners Bullshit pt.2 | TØS

TOS aka TrampleOnSnakes runs a number of you tube channels that expose Saturn Cult/worship and reptilian shape shifter aliens. This video has been removed from you tube as well as the you tube channel. TOS usually starts new channels every time he is flagged.

This video was basically about Turkish miners that were killed during a tunnel collapse. There were survivors how ever. when the survivors were rescued from the tunnel one of these miners wore a blanket with a "Saturn spiral star" design. TOS claimed this was part of a ritual or had something to do with the Saturn cult.
 I am looking for a video or picture of this accident but haven't found one yet.  

(here is a link to what i think may be the same the event)
If you are really interested you find TOS on you tube by searching TrampleOnSnakes on you tube and contact him about this particular video. I cant seem to find the footage.