Monday, May 26, 2014

~ Pope Francis ~ Demonic Alien Shapeshifter ~

Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; born
Jorge Mario Bergoglio]17 December 1936) is the
266th and current Pope of the Catholic Church, in
which capacity he is Bishop of Rome and absolute
Sovereign of the Vatican City State.

Bergoglio is a member of The Jesuits, or The Society of Jesus, which, despite it's name and being vaguely defined as a 'religious order', is in fact a highly influential satanic secret society, which, complete with it's sun worship logo, operates within the upper echelons of the illuminati hierarchy, serving to control other secret orders such as the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar and according to former Jesuit priest Malachi Martin, hides an "occult conspiracy" that "conducts satanic rituals within a secret church dedicated to Lucifer".

The Roman Cult, also known as the Roman Catholic Cult of the Vatican was first officially founded in 1057 by chief pagan high priest of the cult of Magna Mater (Cybele) known as Gregory VII.

The Roman Cult was never the legitimate leadership of the Catholic Church. However, through a relentless campaign to seize and consolidate its power, this relatively small band of individuals eventually controlled the destiny of over one billion good, Christian and ethical Catholics, who remained tricked into believing the legitimacy of the Roman Cult until the extraordinary act of honor of Pope Benedict XVI in dissolving it on February 28th 2013, to ensure the most significant of ancient prophecies and the restoration of the Universal Christian Church were fulfilled.

A brutal and bloody cult -- involving child sacrifice, burning people alive (since 11th Century CE), demonic worship and absolute celibacy of its lowest priests -- its epicenter for such evil being the giant Phrygianum atop Vatican Hill since the 2nd Century BCE.

Since the 1st Century BCE, its high priests known as "Pontiffs" -- a hereditary position controlled by a handful of ancient families -- claimed the ancient pre-Republic title of Pontifex Maximus after the Roman Emperors assumed themselves as high priest of the state cult of Magna Mater (Cybele).

Jealously guarding their pagan heritage and right to sacrifice people to their demon gods, the priestly families were banished from Rome more than once along with the closure of the Vatican temple.

However, during the tumultuous periods in Roman history after the collapse of Rome as the center of the Empire, the pagan high priests assumed the role as community leaders in Rome and during more than one period, openly returned to their pagan practices of child sacrifice, cannibalism and demonic worship as late as 590 to 752, 847 to 872 and even as late as 896 1057.

The former Carabinieri police officer pulled up outside a bar known as Twink — slang for a gay youth — next to Rome's central station. He was driving a Fiat Panda marked "Emergency Blood" so he could easily park.There, he picked up Romanian immigrant "rent-boys", some underage, for gay encounters with Catholic priests around Rome