Friday, March 21, 2014

"Is New Zealand's Prime Minister a Shapeshifting Reptilian Alien ?" - ON...

Here is a great example of the draconian elite using the media to discredit the wide spread shape shifter theory's. These public relation spin doctors seem to approach the argument with no scientific facts and a more less childish humor. This is done to take away seriousness from the argument and is a technique utilized frequently.
In the same way recent viral video of entertainer Miley Cyrus  shape shifting caused her to address the public in order to maintain her prestige and MK control over her followers.
The draconian elite take the global public opinion extremely serious such as politicians and high level military and have erected one of the galaxy's most entracet technological systems we have known to monitor this.
Many of the public are unaware of the draconian interest in maintaining the status quo. These global opinion programmers work on the parameters of ignorance and laziness of the human psyche.
The NWO control system is being spread over the global populations incrementally and can be seen in all facets of society. This information grid in slowly becoming a prison control system and is used to keep the draconians in control and unaccountable. Their faceless bouracracy is working relentlessly to eliminate opposition.