Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Day LA News Repoerters Reverse Audio

There was a video i came across that mention how important reverse speech is when it comes to exposing reptilians. Well i started to look into "reverse speech" on you tube and noticed that the auto search say reverse speech reptilians. I found a great video i will be posting soon. 
Well the video was so in tune with what was on the video that i decided to try it my self. 
so i looked up a few videos of reporters with face distortions. Then i downloaded some software and recorded the audio. When i replayed the audio in reverse (100 times) i found there was in coded another conversation. 

Lisa Breck Fox News Reptilian

It seems as so they can speak in reverse cause these draconians are multidimensional. So when they are talking they are really talking among each other privet behind the humans auditory comprehension. Some thing i found note worthy is they use this to pass on emotions to humans. In the recording one of the reporters says backwards ha ha fun fun. 
This resonates with the human mind. 

What i found was wild that out of 3 separate videos two with the same reporters the reverse audio display a very similar conversation. In one the reporter exclaim's "my mask is getting hot" then another says " Oh shit, my system melt down"and the last seems to say "did you hear that?" and it seems like you can hear a very choppy sound say "im in".
There is also something that is repeated in these videos. 
or "Mousie". It seems to me that this is the program or hacker that is causing the malfunctions in the holographic masking

This is a reverse audio of a video clip of 3 fox news reporters in los angeles county.
the audio is in reverse so the end of the video is played first in the audio. 
In this audio recording you can hear the draconian reporters suffering in pain as the frequency is turn against them. I will add a list of things that i think i have heard being said in the audio.
so transcript here is written up from after the end of the tape to the beginning.

Here i have written down what is said forward then what i think is being said backwards. 
Ok well see you around
Reverse -(Very soon beautiful)

Lisa ah their the proga er new director at eh station in Valdosta Georgia would like to talk to you.
Reverse -(Now that we know you car bombers get the diversion, i want you to die soon)
Steve Edwards Fox News Reptilian

never to early.
never to soon to start that and Seraphine because i think we got that going
God for bid enough. almost like these cute faces. any way you guys, ima office to be really fun with the kids this week end fun to do.
Reverse -(If they can get their with out a feel to rebel then line em up  (that's true actually)
now we only need to see it, we see its more fun then ripping your gutt/gun and not being able to get up and looking at me for it. I dont know, you stupid humans.)

Who have nose jobs and say their husbands dont know. and then the baby pops out and its got the big schnoz and hes like where did that come from. i know exactly.
Reverse -(We got to go. get the fuck out of here.
 get off these nuts bitch. get a fucking life. dont be hating. im hurting
(that hurted) nice knowing you.)

an the exact same, and in my womb my baby girl has my nose.  oh yeah
an so i was wondering about women who have nose jobs and say their husbands dont know.
Reverse -(oh yeah that hurt
ah yall make me cry today. 
that hurted me)

These cute lil faces. but any way all week end long here california strawberry festival they have
pie throwing contest pie eating contest. anything that has to do with strawberrys they have it here.
including strawberry pizza and strawberry beer and jillien just for you. strawberry's are a huge source of follicle acid. and as you know you need follicle acid every single day when your pregnant. I just had strawberry's last night. when i was watching th the show the show. hey i want

 Jillian Reynolds Fox News Reptilian

Reverse -(Oh shit my system melt down
yes now hear this message if you mess the cycle up beam the base, and again and the cycle up
but dont speak. this is really scary yes, needle skip Break 
i has eating thats not eating  (yeah)thats not normal (yeah))

oh ok. ok you want one more time. yes. that could hurt. not hard on the nose (i could hear) cause i payed alot for this nose.
Reverse -(he he he he were all here to excite
yes oh ho ho ho)

em ha ha ha ha ha. ok one more time. not bad, not bad. not bad?
Reverse -(very fun
very fun very fun very fun
ha ha ha ha ha ha
hum humm)

yeah ok great, lets get to it.
Reverse -(but i dont care)

again this is for the California strawberry festival here in Oxnard starting tomorrow.
Reverse -(you must not talk 
(very fun)
virus in the air
(very fun))

sweet girl that she is over here but im choosing her de to throw at me as she gets two trys and thats it.
Reverse -(yeah its sad but our story as you see our uh 
the girl who just met up with me)

you know what truly i may be out of a job looking for something new. i picked the smallest girl look heres.
Reverse -(we need to speak about
you had me on high alert
still waiting)

Lisa Breck is gonna do it all for reporter involvement here we got at the strawberry festival in Oxnard. i love strawberry cheese cake.
Reverse -(what you waiting for
whos gonna take care of this?)