Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The NBC ball and Matrix shots/9/11 Fake: Matrix Disabled!

This is a chopped piece of an original documentary about the faked 911 attacks on the trade towers.The original video has been deleted from the net and split up and published by different 
co-op'ed shell you tube accounts.

This film states many odd things about the 9/11 video footage that has been ignored by documentary on popular channels like history channel

This video bellow is another part of the original documentary about the UFO ball. This video now bares the illuminati symbol of the eye of horus. For me this suggest that the host supports the illuminati cult. What is interesting is the original video shows a side by side comparison of video that was aired live the day of the twin tower attacks. It shows a shot of what seems to be a disabled graphically engineered lay over of the back round and the twin towers.
Can this video suggest that the video was fully created to cover up the UFO attack?

Here is a screen shoot of the graphic layout disabled showing what seems to be some kinda basic image of the building used as a base for building a virtual sky line