Saturday, December 21, 2013

NYC alarms with notice: ‘Immediately surrender your rifle’


Do you know you have government police that host under age prostitution sex rings in Chicago, then you have judges that take bribes from corporate correctional agency's to rule in favor of imprisoning innocent children. Then you have Police that are shooting unarmed citizens dead in the street! Now the draconian government have decided that New Yorkers should not be allowed the constitutional right to bear fire arms.

Its said that "when any nation mistrust its citizens with guns, its sending a clear message. It no longer trust its citizens because such a government has evil plans" - George Washington. 

Look at these smug face draconian demons, can you see the smiles in their face as they laughingly brain wash the population into handing over their only chance of defense against a DARPA attack or invasion from foreign armies. Their are so many defenses we have for keeping our weapons yet it is ignored. The main priority of these Sirius fork tongue aliens is to make sure the majority of the useless eaters are unarmed and willingly turn their family's over to be marched into FEMA camps.