Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ultimate Reptilian Proof!!!!!

Ok Guys look like this video is having issues. I have been notified that by visiting cover upz blog a pop up window is appearing. Its claiming to see the site you must download drivers. This is a cyber attack on the site. Please don't download anything !
I was also notified that this particular video was censored in order to keep people from seeing it. At one point while viewing this video of Goldie Hawn her face was digitally scrambled in order to prevent the viewing of the video. Another step to cover up the video was also taken, usually when a video is posted on the blog you can see a preview of the video in one preview frame. well the preview of the video was blocked and the original picture of Goldie Hawn was replaced with a black screen so that her face wasn't seen. 
In order to curve this attempt at covering up the post from my site i have added a 2 pictures from the video below and i am resharing the video in order.

 This is goldie hawn with a slit pupil

Here is Goldie Hawn with her Gold Hologram tooth.