Monday, November 18, 2013


 Check out this news reporter. This is a video about a fight in a bar, yet the reporter seems to be going through a transformation.

From my understanding, we are going through a planetary frequency change. For us in America, we had a major revise in the way we receive media in our home's. We used to use antenna's and cable wires. This tech was fine until the frequency change. When the change came, we started seeing stuff like this from many people who were on the TV. It seemed as if they only changed the antenna technology to deal with the frequency change that seemed to be revealing some kinda tech difficulty. I assume its because the frequency change was causing these shape shifters holographic masking field to be dropped. This was allowing people to see a side of them they dont want us to see. The reason i assume such wild fantasy's is when watching the body language of these reporters during this change in appearance. It seemed as if they were conscious of they changing and were uncomfortable with it. you could see during this type of shifts the reporter will turn away or they will try to change shots to something stationary.
I assume this is why we made the change in America from antenna/cable to digital TV receivers, allowing them to mask them self's in real time.