Friday, September 13, 2013

The Curse of Chief Cornstalk =The Legend of Mothman

We have a member Danny Green of the blog that has a friend who is very interested in the moth man. Personally i try to stay away from the moth man; it is said that death and destruction follow him. Well for our cover upz member we will be trying to find some information of the moth man, if he doesnt find us first.

So here is the legend of the origin of the Moth man
This is Chief Cornstalk

Well the curse was rhe start then WWII there was munitions factory there and they had these mounds or igloo shaped bunkers they stored the munitions in well the legend goes that chemicals from factory mutated a bat or bird and the mothman was the bunkers are still there and it is where the mothman lives.the town is called point pleasant west virginia.

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