Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This is a video that shows morgellons fiber hair, that bares the brand of the "NASA LOGO". If this video is legit, it could be an indication that NASA is using quantum mechanics in order to engineer a alien type virus. This virus is being spread through the planet by chem trails and is being flat out ignored by main stream media to the point they have called people who have this "delusional". From the evidence i have seen and the tireless work people are doing making videos on their own and sharing evidence, this seems more like the civilian population is handling this virus on their own. It has even been said the CDC is a flat out shame, and could be working to further this into a district 9, walking dead, world war z scenario.
Day by day this becomes more of a reality for me. I say this cause i can see a resistance of sharing this type of information. I often assume this case of morgellons and other such sensitive media black out subjects (like the Boston bombing 4chan blitz) is being censored and covered up though internet servers across the nation (most likely by ECHELON) So do your self and the people on the planet a favor for once and share this information!