Friday, July 26, 2013

Truth Warriors Community on Google+

Ok i am afraid i have to make this post. I have to make an example out of these separatist conspiracy theorist. They sit behind ban lines, just like the big bankers stand behind LAW. They are the you tube censorship, you know what i am talking about the masonic order behind computer screens washing the internet's information for leaks.

I was making my rounds through community's and i have learned to stay as on topic as i can cause these draconian bansters are vicious. any ways i went to this one community named "truth warriors" who has the clam of:
 "Here is where we explore that together.... no matter what the subject is."

well i had made a post there and figured the name Truth was close enough to the topic on a video that i was posting here is the video
 Part one
Part 2
 so as i was doing my posts i noticed they deleted my post, so i went back to read the introduction to their community to make sure i had not broken any rules as far as content. It seemed i was with in the lines of exploring truth. i looked at the leaders of the community and they were actually members of this blog. i decided sense they were members to make another post, so i did and i this time stated that they were censoring my post and that their search for truth was a bold face lie. at this same time i was making a comment on one of the spam post they made to drown my deleted post. it was a story on the rich stealing from the poor or some shit. some how i came to mention that why was his post allowed and first one was deleted (not realizing that i was in a post with the mod for the community and he had deleted both posts of mine). he mentioned it wasnt truth, so i said to him was there a place we can get some kinda truth meter to weigh our truth content.
it seemed like this kids brain was underdeveloped so he must have been some kinda teen modding the the community while his masonic dad ran it.
well the main creater chimed in and mentioned to me that he doent delete content but that i had crossed the line as far as factual true was concerned and that he wouldnt stand for that in his "truth warrior" google+ community lol.
at this point i could see this was a stone wall and these guys were using a separatist attack, claiming my true was a theory and could not be proven while their truth's were factual. at this point they would not allow further comments from me in this argument i felt they were losing by me making obvious light of their bias opinions and that their opening statement for their community was false if i wasn't able to express my self on their community.

Im sure the Nitty-Gritty was strategically applied to appeal to african americans seeking "truth".
who the fuck uses the word rightness? definition to rightness reads:
The state or quality of being right. yeah thats the draconian thinking process let me make a truth community where i can be right all the time. well i have my own truth community and i do the same shit here except we talk about draconians ufos masons and lawlessnes.

 This is the link for this white wash media garbage that could hardly pass for truth.
I want you all to know that cover upz blogs is calling these trash out for the disinformation agents they are. those of you that have had you tube channels banned or have had comments deleted or trolled and told your crazy to go here and let them know how it feels to be trolled.
(this is there fake masonic mantra)
in my eye these guys are fucking masons or shape shifters who control information 
truth nazi's dont let them romp around the net free challenge them and see how they hide. don't allow them to run the internet free conditioning the youth with their socialist communist ideals.
go to truth warriors and spam them.

at this point i could see the layers of the media control any one of there post could be posted on cnn and it wouldn't not raise a eye brow. its a lot of the same shit being rehashed until these dark masonic leaders create order out of chaos again out of their satanic numerology computing pagan calendar. then all the agents come out and make their official spin on it.
yet there is a layer where the real truth is being deleted and banned from the major community and these fake agents are making their heroes.

i sincerely urge you not to fret when some one challenges your belief whether you speak for or against the agenda. i made this post for those of you that i have came across here that have been on the journey for truth. i know you have came across these agents just like i have. i am telling you know the secret society's are the ones that are trying to "contain" this information. some of these sociatys even use this occult knowledge for power of unimaginable reins of power.