Friday, July 12, 2013

George Zimmerman Trial: Closing Arguments

here we go, us and its abominations in the lords name of justice.
we get a women who kills her kid and leave the kids in the trunk dead for days then buries the kid and goes to a club. they find her innocent.
then we have a women who kills her boyfriend, and shes found Innocent.
then we find have this young adult, being shielded from the media in a case that's has the nation on the bring of marsal law. people are saying its not even him in court. and they have 9 counts against him for death.
now lets come back to this adult who to me seems like he killed a young man in cold blood cause hes a closet racist. and their are conditioning people know to prepare for his release.

what i see in this picture is the us satanic masonic system of law that's parading these murders like sacrifices then releasing the murders as a symbol of their order.

i cause i cant put a metaphorical bow on my point but i don't think it needs one.

its simple to see, the devil protects his own, and the lords angels fight for theirs.