Monday, June 24, 2013


Keep in mind this news story is all double speak. every work said by the press here is a distraction for the gullible tax paying American sheeple.

I felt like these guys were shifting a bit so i tryed to spot some parts out.
I noticed this guy at the end give a sinister smile at the camera yet i also looked passed his arrogance and noticed him winking at me. I notice they do this right at the end or beginning of the shot when your perception is at its weakest. Imagine being a pick pocket, you would have the instincts to know when a person has their visual some times mental blinds open for you to take advantage of. this is the same principle yet its played visually. from my understanding they can read your thoughts allowing them to predict your conscious movements. through this they are able to hopscotch or leap frog through your blinds spots a lot easier.

with this understanding i found it spot on that he looked at the camera and smiled with the eye of Ra. for the reason that the people In the know will see whose in charge of this operation. sort of a galactic masonic hand sign if you will.