Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cover-Upz Breaks 10,000 views/and get Censored

Wow im almost amazed but not really. I know there are tons of like minded people who find interest in the topics i post. again when i opened this blog it was partly out of being tired of falling on deaf ears of people i talked to about the conspiracy's happening around us every day.
When i made the blog 3 months ago i felt like it would snowball into something big. the question was how long could i ride this blog. i had figured that i had been into UFO's aliens and cover up story's sense i was young so i didn't think i would fizzle out on my interest in the blog any time soon.
I feel like the blog has always gained a few views each day and as each day comes i find my self having a feeling that i have to supply even more information now that we have more people coming to see.
so now i am just trying to find out how many posts per day should i do. yet i enjoy just dumping posts out, yet there are some story's i wish i could thumb tack to the blog some where cause some of the information here can be very important to our freedoms.  i have also noticed sense we had the site that a few of these story's have cause a stir in the NSA's monitoring program and my blog has been of some interest to the authority's. when we covered some of the Boston bombing we got hit with a small bit of networking issues. then we were able to recover from that and just as of 2 days or so ago we had a few story's i had a feeling were gonna cause a stir. one was a MSM new video pointing out that video the main stream media company MSM had some footage of the Boston bombing that was being scrub or covered up digitally in real time. they were so upset they pointed it out to the mass's during their prime time slot.
then we had another story.
This was actually a story that was redone after the original was posted on youtube, what i thought was spot on was that i wanted to redo the video also yet i figured i had been doing enough to expose the agenda. well the video was about two FBI agents that showed up to a women's home for protesting the free Palestine movement. this women was very aware of the agenda and she made a tutorial about how to deal with the FBI or joint task force if they decide to come knocking on your door from this encounter. well the new video showed the agents in slow motion and up close and in this video you would notice the agents showing eye slits like shape shifter.
there were a couple other story's i though would really get bad wind for the blog also which were some story's about the Snow Den leak that revealed a child sex slave ring in the elite circles of the military, politics and other places of power.
soon after i posted the videos i decided i was done for the day and i would enjoy a beer. so as i glanced at my updates later i noticed one of our members mention the link to the MSM video was gone. so when i went to look i found that as i clicked to see the video i came to a box that read "this post does not exist" which is such a condescending comment it could of only been created by a draconian.
the video with the MSM cover-up was the one i figured that would get the authority's upset cause if they went out of there way to do it to MSM news they would have no problem doing it to a blog. well i tried posting the video and sure enough those self righteous tad poles put a block on the link. im still unclear as to whats the case now with the blog being censored. my take for now is that all this information is declassified and i am only posting information that's already in the public arena. yet what i have come to realize is that its not the information that is already available that i post that bothers them its the way i arrange the story's and compile certain story's that creates a picture perfect back round picture of this alien agenda masonic NWO government of control.

well i guess that's our 10,000 views review haha
i hope all of you who keep coming back enjoy and share the blog and we spend 10's of thousands more here with each other at cover-upz blog
i will return you now to your flow of aliens, police brutality & government corruption.