Monday, May 6, 2013

Government Gun Grab Reverse Ideology

I dont see how its logical that the government has the right to speak out and say they they want to make harsher gun laws and out right say they want to take the public weapons.

under the reasoning that guns are being miss used in the public so we should just take the weapons.

i think it would be more logical or reasonable to say
if government cant run successfully then we need to reduce the power of government.
we need more government limitations not more public limitations.
if the government has to work in secret and work in a sinister fashion and hide in divisions .

i also find it suspicious that in this Boston deal that they were able to keep every one in side their homes for days at a time and stage Marshal law in the united states (cause their bringing the war to the home land) successfully and at the point when they called off this search they happened to find the suspected bomber in a boat.

for me this says they had him the whole time and then decided when their stay was being worn thin they decided to surface their patsy.