Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Albino Shapeshifters Rejoice after Drowning India in Bootleg Liquor

check out this weird chick right at the beginning of this video. i was spamming the blog and i saw this chicks face and was like wtf figured i would post it for kicks.
its right at the beginning she suspiciously covers her face when she first appears on screen. then she reappears on the screen with this demon eyes
you can see this happen at 0:03-0:06
 i have found some videos to have (nwo/demon/mason what ever you wanna call it) finger prints on it like this lady for instance.

what also drew me to suspicion on this video was that they are a news station that doesn't allow comments on their dictator channel. so i couldn't spam. yet that didn't stop me from getting all conspiracy theory on them :D

notice the bottles carry the mark of the Merovingian
this will only take India deeper into the clutches of crime/car accidents/and social decent. This is a move of the shape shifters to take the India traditions and stomp them of the floor and replace them with a western ideology.