Sunday, April 7, 2013

Please Comment

Hey guys, and again welcome to Cover-upz Blog. I am making this post for those of you that have decided to follow cover-upz , id like to sincerely ask you to please post comments on post's you attract to.
I have been noticing allot of post hits site hits and also ton's of 1+'s. I urge you to speak your opinions, i actually think i need you guys as a cover-upz community to come a step closer together and make your comments and give every one your opinions. To tell you the truth i am really interested in what you all are thinking of these posts. we have been getting comments at our Google+ location, yet i am still having a small issue lining all these accounts up (i would also like to ask any one who has experience with blogs to please offer me your experience in order to change the blog look, expand through promotions on other blogs and just help out shape the blog).
There have been some really interesting comments on the Google+ so i decided to call out to you all to make your comments and help create a general stand of opinion.
as i see allot of debunks coming out in a new wave as of the last few weeks trying to debunk Obama alien security video. id really like to see us here at cover upz come closer to form a huge middle finger to the establishment and all meditate on peace/  thanks you all for coming to see the content here, and the more you all show up the more i will try my hardest to find the ground breaking story's, that outfox the political opinion.
                                                                     John Dee-

and once again
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