Thursday, March 28, 2013



Full Face Reptilian Shapeshifting

Reptilians are from the Nephilim Bloodlines, created by the fallen angels, Demonic in appearance!
They have Advanced Technology? Fully Advanced Human Androids, Advanced aerial space vehicles, off world colonies on all the 11 planets & moon's, DNA Altered Human & Animal manipulation etc etc etc ...... They want to turn us into Machine Men with Machine Hearts and Machine Minds (The Mark of the Beast) bypass the Human Soul Matrix and allow for the complete takeover of the Human vessel allowing Fallen Angel's to inhabit this Dimension permanently! 

The Nephilim Reptilian Illuminati need our permission, they do this through our conscious/sub-conscious minds with there trickery, manipulation, subliminally controlled Media, mind control etc etc ....we are responsible for allowing this corruption to consume society, it's how the Nephilim have control over us? We can begin to take back our power by denying them Spiritual Power over us anymore !!