Sunday, March 24, 2013

Secret Space Vol.2 Alien Invasion

Secret Space is a series of videos about the side of space programs like NASA and others that isn't so popular.
This Secret Space is about The War in Iraq and also explains some about space and NASA's space program. With professionals who have talked and proven about how UFOs and aliens who have invaded the earth many times in the past and have been removed from history because of it.
Earth has a rich history on aliens, NASA knows this and has also weaponizing space and is engaging UFOs in a space defense program. While also conducting  monitoring and doing alien and UFO research. NASA has also conducted a study about UFOs being seen on the moon through telescopes and has found 100's of alien artificial structures on the moon. There are even spherical UFOs in official NASA photos.

If you like the first secret space you'll like this one.
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