Tuesday, March 19, 2013

9/11 Fake: Matrix Disabled! (Updated)

This is a rebuilt version of an original 9/11 documentary. The original was deleted from the net and cover upz blog. The new version given a eye of horus on it.

Hey every one its 12/19/13.
Well sense this post the blog has grown some and seems to also have collected its share of critic's.
It seems some of these critic's are proactive and have decided to try to run the blog them selves. I have noticed a few occasions where a post will have its video deleted, or a picture deleted. Today i had 10 post from the front page removed. I assume its cause a video that was posted about beyonce being a shape shifter.

As far as this updated post. I came to find that a video was deleted from my blog also and replaced with out my consent. This video had also been re edited by some random web site and re spread over the net. The original video explaining a 9/11 fake "computer generated imaging" theory. It has been removed from my blog and the the web and has been replaced with a government co-op version of this. Complete with eye of horus and masonic talking head. Also important to note that the origanal 911 ball matrix video was titled A and B not part 1 and part 2!!!

Here is the second video where this website slaps their link on the video put up a news desk and  completely steals Credit for the whole video!!

I had a original video that didn't have this embed reporter. From my understanding the original video was chopped up into two you tube videos. One with a corny obvious reptilian reporter and the other with some eye of horus gimmick water mark. The original video poster isn't even mentioned in these descriptions.
When i came through the cover upz archive i found that the original 9/11 matrix ball theory video had been replaced with a video i seem to find all over the internet under wanna be conspiracy theory channels. Which leaves me to question if this video is just a new government counter psy-op to the reptilian video movement complete with guy fawkes iconic instigator.

Here is the wide spread alien propaganda video. This video seems to have replaced the 9/11 ball matrix video i had up.

Any how i guess all i can say is try to get to these cover upz video post's now before they are deleted from the net, cover upz blog or the face of the earth.