Sunday, April 12, 2015

NASA's Fake Ball Earth vs The True Flat Earth

Eric Dubay

Not to long ago NASA released a video of what is said to be the view of earth from the ISS (international space station) circling the globe. There has been much speculation to this video.
From UFO's to if the video is made from CGI (computer generated imagery). When looking closely at the video you can see that the clouds don't seem to be moving much at all. The continents don't show any real height to them, it looks like its just a flat texture of light spots. Also during this video there is no other visible space craft! 
There are said to be 20,000 satellites in the thermosphere where ISS (international space station) was filming the video. During the filming of the video there are no other satellites in the shots. Many other independent videos film from the highest heights on earth show a horizontal horizon. The earths horizon does not curve like NASA videos portray the horizon.
The NASA moon landing videos have been researched independently and researchers have come up with many key elements that resemble fraudulent behavior. There have been many shots where wires have been seen above the the astronauts. There have also been many conflicts in the lighting source from the video (aka the sun). Many of the videos of NASA do not portray the clouds morphing as they do on earth. Much of the stellar activity that we view from earth is never portrayed in their videos.
 I speculate if you sync up the dates if the films NASA releases with the activity that is seen in the sky on earth they will not match up. 
What is also interesting to point out is that the global shipping routes seem to avoid in vertical paths of the earth. You will not see a route from the bottom of Australia to the top of Russia. You will also not see a route from Antarctica to Canada.
(Global Shipping Routes)
This is also true for the global flight routes and deep sea cable pipes. All routes are ran "East & West" and NEVER "North & South"! If the planet is a ball shape you would figured this would be the case. The masonic cabal have worked relentlessly in maintaining the official status quo for science, history and LAW.
There have been conclusive studies that prove "stars rotate around a fixed motionless earth. The earth does NOT rotate.
Even astrophysicist, cosmologist have states the planet is a Oblate spheroid. This contradicts
all of the NASA footage of a "Perfect" Sphere. Incrementally modern media has set out to change the term for our earth from different names to represent the shape of earth. It has most recently been changed to the term "Globe". This has been done in order to trigger the earth in peoples minds to be represented as a ball shape.
(Global Flight Paths)
The United Nations logo shows a images of the earth yet it has conspicuously left out Antarctica. NASA very well may have staged the moon landing in order to have a image of the moon to calm the earths population from asking questions about the earths nature. It has even been said the famous Red Bull Stratos jump landing does not match the trajectory of a rotating globe earth. This very well may be the hugest conspiracy on the earth is the fight to keep the people thinking the earth is a ball and not a flat geometric plane.
(Global Cable Pipe Lines)