Thursday, October 16, 2014

Skull n 'Bones/CIA/Air America/Hells Angels

 So, looks like we have a situation where the CIA does not want an end to violence. They want things to escalate in Iraq, and they want more
dead U.S. soldiers coming home. They know that if there are no American casualties in Iraq, the Americans will look like bullies, and
furthermore, there will seem to be no reason to stay there. They are creating the illusion of fierce resistance by bombing their own troops.
Pathetic that the Americans even have to supply the vehicles used in these attacks, but it is part of their strategy.  CIA Special Forces units in Iraq take delivery.
They wire up these expensive foreign vehicles with explosives, like luxury SUVS , which are in great demand overseas, and these are rigged to detonate via remote control.
The economic chaos created in Iraq means their are plenty of Iraqis willing to 'deliver' these stolen vehicles to a 'rendezvous' (usually a crowded market spot) or some
other strategically selected location where there will be witnesses as to who is driving. .  The explosives-laden vehicle is followed, and then detonated via remote control.
Another ploy is to just park the vehicle overnight in a crowded area. The next morning , when the crowds are out, they detonate it, again via remote control.