Sunday, December 29, 2013

Matrix Operation 'Snowden'

There is a theory that a secret group of people are being used as actors in false flag operations for the united states government in order to gain more control over the population. These actors are being called crisis actors. Here is a video making the claim that Snowden was a military operation to desensitize the people for an upcoming war.

This video makes the claim that Snowden is actually a crisis actor who made a video in the 90's about being turned into an informant for the government. At first i wouldn't pay no mind to a wild claim yet this song at the time was very odd and out of place. What also makes me think this could be possible, is that there is a masonic hip hop underground who is informed about many events. I think its even been said notorious big aka biggie smalls made a comment in a rap about the the twin towers coming down.

There are many cases where hip hop shows its ties with the masonic brother hood. Here is a case where a Californian bay rap group  designed a album cover that was rejected and replaced with another type of album art. The bay is the home for the "Bohemian Groove" so it could be a good chance these people may have been disclosed information from high level masons.

 Released November 6, 2001