Monday, November 23, 2015

This is one of the most important Sandy Hook videos you may ever see.  This video exposes MANY occult black majik aspects of the Sandy Hook shooting. Many people can not fathom how the United States Government could portray a false event in order to cover up a black majik ritual that was held in the front of the whole world.
I urge you to watch this video. There is so much being explained that you WILL NEVER see on the nightly news. People of the planet you must understand that the news is not here to tell you what is really going on in the planet but instead to convince you of what they want you to think is happening. Much like a parent that shields a child from a tragic truth.
This is a picture of a structure comparison of sandy hook and a Mayan Sacrificial Burial Temple. Who built this place??

The USA built many of their streets, monuments and even electric grids on many ritual style ley lines. What also stands out in occult significance is the date of the Sandy Hook Shooting. Also note worthy is Sandy Hook is on the same Ley line as a Mayan sun worship sacrifice temple, the great pyramids in Gaza and the US Mk Ultra Montauk  site. 
To say the lease this video will blow your mind when it comes to the occult significance. From my understanding research into the sandy hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut has uncovered that Newtown was a ghost town and only months before the shooting built up to look like a good ol American home town. This is anything but true, the area around Sandy Hook has a long history of satanic devil worship. This was never revealed in the media. There is also supposed to be a play on words with the name of the school, i can not recall it at the moment it may be on this video or another one. 
This video also exposes the foundation of the building of the Sandy Hook School to match exactly the Mayan sun worship temple in Mexico. This building was demolished after the public ritual was held in order to prevent more investigation to this. Many people will not realize that the founders of the USA are Masons who practice Witch Craft. With this understanding you may have a better understanding how a Government could organize a public ritual in front of the whole planet and disguise it as a national emergency. Then go out and fleece the world through masonic charity channels.
Never the less i suggest you watch this 3 part video.