Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Congress Hands Government Authority to Microchip People with ‘Mental Disabilities’

One thing people are not aware of is these chips give out a low frequency that resonates at the same wave lengths as the brain. The scary thing about this is that it allows the chips to control the brain. This is why the chips are so important to the NWO. This will allow them to over ride the human mind. so if you ever question the people at power by nature it will be over powered by the chips. The television does this also.
Now there will be a chip that will allow them to do this to you any where you go, even in your sleep. The television and cell phones do this but they cant access you when you are out hiking or when you are sleeping. Now with these chips they will be on you 365 days a year. this will create a wave of mind numb people who will never question who is in control of their lives.

While this quietly passed last week under the guise of helping parents and guardians of children and adults suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, developmental disabilities such as autism as the like, after you watch this video, you will clearly see where the program in H.R. 4919 could be abused by the authoritarians in power with simple semantics arguments due to vaguely worded laws.
The language of the bill is so vague, in fact, that we don’t know what type of tracking tech will be employed or how far this program will end up going if it gets in full swing… While most of us realize there are much more high tech options out there these days than microchips, it’ll probably be something people have been acclimated to.
Hey, we microchip pets, why not children and elderly people and… pretty soon… everyone? Why not, Japan is already applying barcode tattoos to its elderly dementia sufferers for easy government tracking and tracing.