Saturday, September 3, 2016

Police Lock Up 10 Year-Old In Adult Jail For Two Months – Now Trying To Sentence Him To 25 Years!
Damascus Township, PA– In early October, 10 year old Tristen Kurilla was charged as an adult in the murder of 90 year old Helen Novak, an elderly woman in his grandfather’s care. When his grandfather found Novak she was injured, but declined going to the hospital. She later died from her injuries.
After confessing his crime to his mother, she brought him to the state police barracks where he confessed to the crime. The child told police that he had put a cane around her neck and punched her repeatedly after she had scolded and yelled at him. The 5th grader told officers he was not trying to kill the woman, but wanted to hurt her. His mother then waived his right to an attorney.
No details have been released on what would cause such a young child who likely has not even entered puberty to snap in such an extreme manor. His mother did tell police that she has had trouble with her son in the past however, and that he has mental difficulties and has been previously violent. It is currently unclear if she ever sought help to get to the root of her son’s issues.
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