Monday, July 18, 2016


 There has been a wave of fake reptilian shape shifter videos on you tube.  I believe this one to be real! Species has made some really great videos.
Find the original video of this footage of Bernie Sanders and watch it and compare these two videos and see for your self. 
I believe there were many real videos exposing this type of demon possession. These real videos brought on a wave of attention from the masses addressing this subject. Cause of this a campaign was launched in aims to discredit these legit videos on the internet with obvious CGI videos. This was done in order to put the people back in the dark about these demons.  

These demons are real, why else would a operation be privetly held to discredit something that was considered fake to begin with. Below i will add a video of one such obvious fake video. 


This video is a obvious fake but for some one who has been watching these type of videos for years
to promote such fake videos shows that there is a cover up on this subject.
I truly believe these fake videos are being spread in order to prevent people from taking this subject of demon possession seriously. I have even seen video that are legit remade with fake obvious CGI in order to cover up the truth. 
There is something going on.