Tuesday, June 21, 2016

See How Much the FBI and World Governments Paid to Hack People's Computers

The problem, perhaps, with calling your company Hacking Team is that you're pretty much begging to get hacked.
Which is what happened this Sunday, when someone dumped 400 gigabytes of leaked Hacking Team data onto torrent networks (as first reported over at CSOOnline), with that data quickly getting mirrored at several different sites.
The Italian company became notorious for working as a sort of cyber arms dealer, selling off-the-shelf hacking tools to law enforcement and government officials around the world. Say you're part of the Moroccan intelligence service, and you'd like some spyware to keep track of Android users, but don't want to spend the time and money to create the software yourself. Not to worry: Hacking Team was there to sell you that spyware for €30,000.