Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Saudi Religious Police Trained To Fight Magic

If you thought police in the United States were the most insane in the world, you might want to have a seat. Saudi Arabia has a special division of religious police, who literally “police” whether or not one is in compliance with the Kingdom’s bizarre Wahhabi interpretation of Islam.
Saudi Arabia’s religious police have been known for such things as making sure women aren’t out riding bikes, or driving. They make sure that underground heavy metal concerts are shut down too.
But at times, their policing is less ridiculous and more terrifying – as they have arrested people for “crimes” such as blogging against the Kingdom or it’s mandatory religious dogmas, or simply having a relationship that the government does not approve of.
But there has been one thing that the Saudi religious police have not been trained to handle: black magic! That is, they have not been trained to handle it… until now!