Monday, May 23, 2016


Back in Dec, 8th, 2014 Cover Upz Blog reached 100,000 pages views. Just about a year and a half later we are hitting the 200,000 page views. I have to admit i am a bit excited about this. I have had cover upz blog for over 3 years. For me the most rewarding thing about Cover Upz Blog is to see all the views from around the world!

I have tried to use google analytics to view the visits to Cover Upz blog for about 2 years so far. This has allowed me to pin point different hot spots around the world that have continues to visit cover upz blog. America is the number one visitor for Cover Upz Blog. That could be cause USA is the birth place over Cover Upz Blog. Particularly Los Angeles, California. Which is my home town, and is where i view Cover Upz Blog from so this may be why we have the most views.
After LA, Texas is Cover Upz Blogs number one visitor in the USA! Houston, Texas is the highest visiting city in the United States. So id like to say Cheers to Houston for being the pioneers that lead Cover Upz Blog around the globe. There have been many times i looked and saw how much Texas Supported CUB (Cover Upz Blog) and it kept me driving and posting videos daily. So again id like to thank you dearly who ever you are out there in Texas for coming back and viewing the blog.

The 3rd most views for Cub is New York! I always felt if i could get some people from NY to visit the site it would grow. Well after we started getting one or two visits from NY it did start going Viral! It started off slow and then began to grow very rapidly. NY city alone has 1200 views which is basically the only city in the USA with the most views for CUB!!

4th Top viewers in the USA for Cub is Florida! Florida has a number of hot spots that continue to visit Cub. Jacksonville, Bradenton, Orlando, Tampa, Miami Beach, Hialeah and Miami. Although Florida has just about as many views as NYC their views are spread across the state. It has been a pleasure to see Cub spread across Florida the last 2-3 years.

CHI TOWN the windy city, Chicago! Chicago, Illinois is at the top 5 visitors to Cub! Chicago is another city i thought to my self would grow, if i was able to get a few visitors to come to the blog. Along with Crystal Lake, Springfield, Rockford, Champaign.

The United Kingdom has the 2nd highest visitors from across the pond to Cub! London City is the primary source of visitors from the UK. All the proud Brits out there id like to give my thanks to you for returning to Cub and sharing it across the land. I know this might not be a good thing to say but id just like to say Britain First! Fighting Back! Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds are also on the list of UK visitors!

Then we have Canada coming up at 3rd in global visits! Most of the visits from Canada are from Ontario! Then we have British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia on the list for top 5 in Canada. 

Surprising for me Germany has been been a Huge supporter for Cub and are our number 4. I have seen Germany visiting Cub on a daily basis! So to all you Germans id like to thank you for check out Cover Upz Blog. North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Berlin, Baden-Wurttemberg, Hesse are also German Visitors to Cub.

Australia aussies are at number 5 on the list of most visits to CUB from around the world. With one of the kindest attitudes in the world i am very glad to see Australia on the list of Cover Upz Blog Visitors. Australia is climbing very fast up the list and is neck and neck with Germany. We have been getting most visits from New South Wales then comes Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia.

Id love to just say thank you all from around the world. Id also like to thank South Africa, Netherlands, India, Kenya and France for visiting Cover Upz Blog.