Friday, April 22, 2016


Google has been funneling billions a year  to a Bermuda  P.O. box with a address that reads 666. They have also used a logo that hides 3 six's as well. Google has been pushing a luciferian agenda in front of the worlds face. Google has been preparing for a post human society says google insider's. A world where man merges with machines and human body's will no longer exist. 

One of Americas biggest secret weapons that have been build right under the country's nose are "cell phone towers"! These towers have even been disused as trees, water towers, clock towers, church crosses, flag poles, cactus, farm silos, etc. A cell phone tower is basically a huge microwave oven. Cell phone towers use magnetron's to communicate. 
 Two hair dryers use 2000 watts of power ( 2 kilowatts). With 2 kilowatts a telecom tower can send 20,000 miles away to a satellite in space. To broadcast from one side of the planet to the other side of the planet it only takes 2000 watts. A microwave uses 1000 watts. A microwave can be used as a ray gun if taken apart and aimed at a target. These cell phone towers are connected with cables that run 300,000 each cable. These multiple cables are connected to a magnetron that IS NOT used for cell phone communication. There can even be amplifiers that can boost the watts. These towers can be turned on and vaporize a town in the middle of the night at any time. Even a AI can be used to turn on all the towers at once in the country killing the population in a hour. Then sending out robot soldiers to clear out the minority of survivors. 
This will allow the elite to start over with a new slave race, and destroy those who will not follow. The people who created these towers run the government, the media and are not here to be your friends.