Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Study Proves Police Can Convince People They Committed Non-Existant Crimes In Just 3 Hours


A new study has found that most people can be convinced that they committed a non-existant crime in only 3 hours.
The groundbreaking research proved that in just a few hours, completely innocent adults can be convinced by police interrogators that they committed serious crimes.
One of the most serious examples of criminal activity that people studied were convinced of was assault with a weapon, even though that crime was completely made up.
The Association for Pyschological Science says that “innocent people can be questioned by police in such a way that they end up convincing themselves that they’ve committed a crime. And this belief can be so strong, they can sometimes follow that belief up with a false confession.”
That’s why a team of lawyers and statisticians published a paper last year that noted that 4.1% of criminal defendants given the death penalty are later proved to be falsely convicted.